Salzburg Weather conditions and information

Salzburg – Austria has beautiful and comfortable weather conditions, especially as Salzburg area is at the foot of the Alps. Proximity to the mountains causes changeable weather conditions, quite quickly from one day to the next.

Salzburg does have a reputation for rain. It can rain any time, there is no rainy season. Of course in winter it falls as snow rather than rain. In terms of volume, most of the rain falls between May and September, but when it rains it pours! A large amount of water in a short time. Particularly in high summer, a typical hot day the winds change in a few minutes, the sky changes from blue to dark grey, then there is a downpour. Temperatures drop. The sky clears and we have a beautiful evening. It’s best to be prepared for rain.

The four seasons of Salzburg is really beautiful, each season offers its own special charm to Salzburg city. In the summer long days and light evenings  are very pleasant, in winter long cold nights. Salzburg offers each month its specific climate.

Salzburg weather in January : January is the middle of the winter season, usually  temperatures are very cold, often during the day minus 10 and by night can be down to below minus 20, snow falls, snow showers, cold dry weather. Salzburg is well organized for the cold, with modern heating and insulation technology you will not feel it so much. Roads are kept clear of snow, cleaned and salted through day and night depending on the snow fall and temperatures.

In the month of January Salzburg area is really a paradise for winter sports, skiers and snowboarders, Salzburg city and the Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Airport is very busy at this time with international guests, during the weekends Salzburg airport hosts  arrival and departure  of over 120 passenger aircraft per day.

Salzburg weather in February : Salzburg weather in February is very similar to January, the coldest months in winter are in Salzburg January and February, so cold ans snowy. The highest peak winter holiday season for Salzburg and Salzburgland is February. Salzburg Ski Resorts and villages are well decorated with lights and very active with national and international winter tourism.

Salzburg weather in March : Salzburg weather in March is very special sometimes still heavy snow falls and cold, but the temperatures are increasingly in the plus by day. Winter sports resorts are still busy but not like in February. In March the ski resorts are little less crowded by comparison with February, an ideal time for families and people who wanted to avoid crowded slopes.

Salzburg weather in April : April weather in Salzburg is very difficult to predict. Austrians say April does what it wants, a very cunning month with mild and cold, wet and dry, and sometimes  snowfall too. Salzburg area winter season slowly comes to an end. Ski resorts also empty except high alpine resorts.

Salzburg weather in May : One of the happiest and uplifting moments in the year for man, beast and plantlife. The real spring season begins, nature wakes up from its long winter sleep. One can see nature breaking out from one day to the next, everywhere green shoots are sprouting which very much influence human life. It is such an amazing period for early summer holiday travellers to avoid the summer holiday crowds, to enjoy their vacation in comfort. The sightseeing spots closed over the cold winter are open again, such as the Eagle’s Nest, Austria’s highest mountain and alpine road the Grossglockner, the largest Ice Caves in the world and more.

Salzburg in May is mostly with very stable temperatures around 20 degrees in the valleys you might need to carry a light jacket, you may need warmer clothes  for the mountains. In May there are some showers, but overall very pleasant month not too cold and too hot.

Salzburg Weather in June : June gives the longest days of the year, people are sitting in their gardens late into the evening enjoying barbecue parties. In June the sun sets late giving daylight until 22:00, the temperatures average 25 degrees with a sunny and pleasant climate occasionally some showers. The summer tourism really starts up, you may be surprised to see the crowds in Salzburg! In June all the tourism and sightseeing locations are open and accessible. As a traveller to Salzburg area you will have less chance to miss them, especially well maintained beautiful green gardens with lots of flowers give extraordinary atmosphere to Salzburg – Austria.

Salzburg Weather in July : The climate is sunny and slightly hot, the traveller who like hot weather July month is the perfect time to visit Salzburg area. The temperatures in July could be very sunny and tolerably hot usually above 27 degrees, but it can reach above 35 degrees. Staying out in direct sunshine can cause sun burn. Sudden showers, thunderstorms even hailstorms are possible. If it were to be impoortant for you, you may need to clarify with hotels whether they provide air-conditioning. Salzburg city in July starts the real busy season with tourists as well as the great world famous Salzburg Music Festival season.

Salzburg Weather in August : In August some days the temperatures are still hot up to 35 degrees mixed with sudden showers very similar to July. In August Salzburg is very busy, the city will be fully occupied with prominent guests, celebrities, opera singers and music artists from around the world. Travelling to Salzburg in August one needs advance preparation, hotels and other service industries are overbooked. August is also one of the best times to visit Salzburg not only for sightseeing, but also to attend some of the Salzburg Music Festival activities. The entire month is peak season for Salzburg Music Festival which is important for the economy of Salzburg.

Salzburg Weather in September : September in Salzburg  temperatures are very similar to May, very pleasant and comfortable climate, Salzburg area is ideal, popular for  honeymooners  . The temperatures in Salzburg from September are cooler, around 20 degrees, you might need to carry a light jacket.

Salzburg Weather in October : Salzburg holiday season still continues, a beautiful experience in Autumn trees are changing their colours, nature slowly preparing for winter sleep. Some days are still sunny giving warm temperatures similar to September, even possible to have an early snow fall.  When sunny a pleasant stable temperature above 20 degrees. In 2014 Salzburg’s October weather was very good,  the autumn colours were fantastic, a very beautiful and romantic atmosphere.

Salzburg Weather in November  : Usually  November is the beginning of winter, let’s say between fall and winter nature already strongly prepared for winter sleep as even per Austrian regulations the car owners must  change their car tyres from summer tyres to winter tyres, from 1st November.

International travellers may have the chance to enjoy and experience the typical November mix mild weathers sunny and pleasant, windy and showers, cold and snow as well as the beauty of the autumn colours. Salzburg is the city with many faces and many kind of weathers. If you visiting Salzburg in November please be prepared with warm clothes and jacket.

Salzburg Weather in December : December is not only cold, but a very special month for Salzburg locals and visitors. The city of Salzburg is charming with its famous Christmas markets, shops and buildings are decorated with Christmas lights, visitors  don’t have time think whether it is cold or not, they are very busy walking around Christmas markets and doing their Christmas shopping.

Usually December in Salzburg you will see snow in the valley, it is really beautiful to see the baroque architecture, surrounded by the snow-capped mountains, Salzach river and the Christmas charm, a tourist can enjoy the atmosphere.

With the effects of global warming in Salzburg too, some Decembers may be without snow.

Now you know approximate weather conditions in Salzburg, whenever you plan to visit Salzburg please contact Salzburg Limousine Service for getting in and around Salzburg .

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