Salzburg Limousine Service FAQ’s

  • Are you a licensed operator?
    A.We are a fully licensed and registered company under the Austrian regulations.
  • Are the vehicles insured?
    A. Yes they are.
  • Do you do private transfers or shared transfers?
    A.We do both.
  • Do you provide taxis also or only limousines?
    A.We provide both.
  • Do you provide child seats?
    A.Yes, but you have to inform us at the time of reservation.
  • Am I given hourly, half a day or full day or longer period service?
    A.We do provide all of these services.
  • How do I meet the driver at the airport or train station?
    A.He will be at the Meet & Greet area with your name board.
  • Do you provide English speaking drivers?
    A.Yes we do.
  • Can I carry extra luggage with me, how many people can the car accommodate?
    A.We mention more detailed information under Fleet in the main Menu.
  • Can I leave my belongings in the vehicle when I get out for a break?
    A.Yes, it is possible but we don’t take any liability for it and there should be definitely nothing important or of value.
  • Can I eat in the car during the transfer?
    A.Sorry, it is not possible, but you can request the driver for a short stop.
  • Is smoking in the car possible during the transfer?
    A.Sorry, it is not possible.
  • How late can I cancel the transfer or change the transfer time?
    A.Please read our terms and conditions.
  • Can I pay the transfer costs upon arrival to the driver?
    A.It is possible. If down payment is requested you will be given the payment mode with the booking confirmation depending on the booked services.
  • Tariffs differ between day and night?
    A.There is a difference between the day and night tariff depending on the time in the night.
  • What happens if my flight arrival is early or delayed?
    A.We try to adjust as much as possible to ongoing changes in arrival time. Depending on the booked services waiting time will be included or charged in addition.
  • What happens if there is a traffic jam or a diversion via a longer route?
    A.The first hour and up to 5 km extra distance driven we don’t charge, after that an extra charge would apply, of course we try to minimize it.
  • What if I want to change my transfer time?
    A.Please inform us as soon as possible. Depending on the booked services different rules and regulations will apply (please see our terms & conditions).
  • Do I need to tip the driver?
    A.Tips are not compulsory, in most cases tipping is normal in Austria to show appreciation of the service provided.
  • If I want to call the driver, does he carry mobile phone?
    A.You will be provided with a contact number that is available 24/7/365.

If you have any further questions please be contact our team.

E-mail : Hotline : +43 699 171 89 2 89