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Although Austria in its present form is not old, dating from 1918, it is steeped in history, going back thousands of years. Its Paleolithic Age settlements around the fertile Danube valley and Alpine valleys date from circa 8000 BC. The world famous Venus of Wellendorf figure was found in the Danube valley is estimated to be more than 24 000 years old.

If you look back on the history of the Austro Hungarian and the Holy Roman Empires, the monarchy was the Hapsburg dynasty between 1273 until 1918, the rulers of the central Europe. The multinational Habsburg Empire between 1848 till 1916 Franz Joseph, the emperor, ruled an estimated population of 52.8 million .

Today’s Austria became a small republic after its defeat in World War I between 1914 and 1918.

Austria, located in central Europe, borders with 8 countries Germany, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Italy, Slovenia, Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

Austria is made up of 9 federal states, total population of about 8.22 million, Austrian official Language: German, Religion nearly 75% Roman Catholic.

Austria’s lowest point at Neusiedler See is 115 m and highest point is Grossglockner 3798 m.

Austria has a total area of 83 871 square kilometres.

The climate has 4 seasons. Summer is temperate, cloudy sometimes heavy showers, highs between 20 and 38 C. Winter cold and snow, lows between 0 and minus 25 C. Spring and autumn are between the two, milder temperatures and some rain, when the sun shines it can be warm, frost is possible too.

Transportation facilities: railroad network over 6000 km; road network nearly 125000 km including about 1 700 km motorway(expressway,highway); navigable waterways over 300 km, International Airports 6 and many paved and unpaved smaller airports and runways.

Austrian telephone country code is +43 followed by the number without a zero first.

Austrian emergency numbers: Police 133, Ambulance 144, Fire 122 as well as the common emergency number for European Union is 112.

Austria is one of the top ranked richest and safest countries in the world. The 2008 global financial crisis caused many countries around the world to struggle, but thanks to its well developed market economy and skilled labour force, its educated population, technology, culture, music and its richness in tourism allowed Austria to ride out the storm, leaving it stable and without the high unemployment and the internationally funded bail outs of some less fortunate countries.

Austria is one of the most beautiful countries on Earth with a high standard of living to boot. These are good reasons people are proud to be Austrian.

Austria is one of the best holiday destinations in the world, it has well organized holiday resorts, sightseeing attractions, hotels and much more. Austria’s amazing landscape with magnificent mountains, romantic valleys, beautiful lakes and rivers from babbling to majestic, all makes for a pleasant and most memorable holiday for visitors. The “Once in a life time” “Must Visit” place in the world. When in Austria if needing a taxi, limousine transfer service or chauffeur-driven sightseeing or airport transfers you are welcome to contact Salzburg Limousine Service.

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