Salzburg Taxi Price in City and Salzburg Taxi Transfer cost to and from outside of the Salzburg City

Salzburg city official taxi tariff including around Salzburg city and neighbouring villages Anif, Anthering, Bergheim, Elixhausen, Elsbethen, Eugendorf, Grödig, Hallwang, Koppl and  Wals-Siezenheim within these communities are driven with the Taxi meter tariff.

The taxi meter basic tariff is EUR 3.20 then on first 102.88 meter cost EUR 0.20 cents, from 1.541 meters on every 144.9 meters cost 0.20 Cents.

During the night between 21:00 bis 06:00 hours as well as Sunday and public holidays the basic taxi meter tariff is EUR 4.00 calculated, adjusted automatically  in the meter.

Salzburg taxi meter waiting time is for every 30.85 seconds 0.20 cents automatically calculated in the taxi meter.

For any dirtiness or interior damages in the taxi caused by the passenger for small cleaning the cost of EUR 21.00 and bigger cleaning the cost of EUR 42.00 must be paid by the offending passenger.

Ordering a taxi to or from out of Salzburg city, the tariff is up to the agreement between the passenger and the taxi company or the taxi driver. In most cases each driven kilometer cost is EUR 2.00, the price is including the return journey.

For example when you order a cab from A to B and the distance is 50Km you may expect to pay EUR 100.00