Общие условия контракта


1. Booking, Time frame

1.1. The booking of airport shuttle transfers must arrive at Salzburg Limousine Service 24 hours prior to the requested departure time of the transfer and is valid for the booked transfer only. Private transfers can be booked any time.

1.2. The customer is responsible to choose an early enough pick up time in order to arrive at the airport in due time for the check in. As normal transfer time (without heavy traffic or bad weather conditions) can be counted:
From Zell am See, Saalbach-Hinterglemm, Saalbach, Kaprun, Saalfelden, Viehhofen, Maishofen, Leogang, Maria Alm, to
– Salzburg Airport W.A. Mozart: approx. 3 hours
– Munich Airport Franz Josef Strauss: approx. 5 hours
The customer has to consider that on Saturdays, Holidays and with bad weather and heavy traffic a longer transfer time must be expected.

1.3. It is the customer’s responsibility to provide exact information about the destination (name of the hotel, address, airport terminal etc.). The location for drop off and pick up must be accessibly by public roads.
In case the given information is not correct, the driver will drive round for 10 minutes (shuttle-transfers) trying to find it. After that due to the time schedule he will have no option but to leave the customer at the nearest tourist information (irrespective of the time of the day). Therewith Salzburg Limousine Service has fulfilled its obligations from the transfer order. With private transfers the driver will continue to look for it. If this needs more than 10 minutes, there will be EUR 1,80 charged for any additional kilometer. This additional price has to be paid immediately after the transfer to the driver.

2. Children, Physical Infirmity, Handicapped Persons

2.1. According to statutory provisions every person (babies and children too) has to sit on a seat. Proper children’s seats have to be ordered with the booking and the age/weight of the child has to be given.

2.2. Likewise correct information about disabilities has to be given with the booking as the vehicles might not be adequate for persons with special needs. In case that circumstances come up during the stay (e.g. a leg in plaster as a result of a ski accident) Salzburg Limousine Service has to be informed at least 48 hours prior to the transfer. Salzburg Limousine Service reserves its right to ask for a medical attestation about the transportability of the customer.

2.3. In case that there is any danger or risk for the transfer due to a customer being a danger to himself because of his physical or mental state of health Salzburg Limousine Service will not incur any liability for bodily harm, including death.

3. Payment, Ticket

3.1. Payment for the transfer is required at the time of booking (shuttle) and with dept-clearing effect only when done via the homepage-link of Salzburg Limousine Service. Payment for private transfers can be agreed individually. The transfer order comes into effect after Salzburg Limousine Service has dispatched the confirmation about the transfer/payment with booking number and pin-code with shuttle transfers, with private transfers by dispatching the booking confirmation. This written confirmation (as well as a confirmation for modifications or changes in booking) is the only valid ticket and has to be presented to the driver before the booked transfer.

3.2. The customer has to take care of the safekeeping of the confirmation/ticket as well as for the secrecy of the pin-code. Salzburg Limousine Service will not compensate for any loss. A transfer without ticket can be refused.

4. Transfer

4.1. Shared shuttle transfers run on scheduled times from the airports to popular ski resort destinations. There will be stops on the route in order to pick up or drop off other passengers. Thus the transfer time will last longer than on a direct private transfer. Private transfers take place as individually agreed.

4.2. Salzburg Limousine Service reserves its right for minor alteration of the transfers provided that there will be no major change in the transfer time.
Due to organizational reasons on shuttle transfers it might be necessary for the passanger to change to another vehicle en route (without any additional costs for the passanger).

4.3. The customer is obliged to present the booking confirmation/ticket to the driver before the transfer. If the customer cannot show the ticket the transport can be refused.

4.4. The destination must be accessible on public roads. Should it be impossible, for whatever reasons (i.e. roadblocks for a certain type of vehicles due to bad weather) to get to the drop-off/pick-up place directly, Salzburg Limousine Service will assist with advice. It might become necessary to change the means of transport in order to reach the destination. After the customer has changed to another means of transportation Salzburg Limousine Service has fulfilled its obligations and there will be no compensation for any outlay in the course of the change. Possible additional costs have to be paid by the customer.

4.5. For transfers to the airport the customer is picked up according to the given data in the booking (location and time). The customer will be picked up at the hotel entrance. The time frame for the pick-up is approximately half an hour. If the customer is not there the driver will ask at the reception desk. If there is no reception or if it is not possible for the customer to appear immediately the transfer will depart. In this case Salzburg Limousine Service has fulfilled its obligations. There will be no refund or any compensation paid.

4.6. Due to statutory provisions a certain number of persons are allowed per car. Where two or more persons are included on the same shuttle booking Salzburg Limousine Service reserves its right to transport the customers in different cars. There is no right that one group is driven in one car only.

4.7. Smoking, drinking and eating is not permitted in Salzburg Limousine Service vehicles. Food and drinks are transported in the trunk compartment.

4.8. Damage caused to a car by a customer has to be paid by him/her immediately. Customers who soil the interior of a vehicle (i.e. vomiting) are liable to a cleaning fine of EUR 60,00 payable also immediately to the driver. If the customer has no/not enough money in cash with him, he has to give his home address and his credit card details to the driver. The costs will be taken then on the credit card.

5. Changes in Booking, Modifications, Cancellation, No-Show

5.1. Changes in shuttle bookings and other modifications have to be done by the customer online via customer login with booking number and pin-code latest 48 hours before departure of the transfer. Changes in any transfers booked within 48 hours before departure time Salzburg Limousine Service will try to consider. This is at the descretion of the Edelweiss Transfers management. For any changes done not via customer login but in written form or on the phone Salzburg Limousine Service will charge EUR 10,00 per passenger. The changes get valid after Salzburg Limousine Service has dispatched the confirmation for the modification/payment. The confirmation is part of the ticket and has to be presented to the driver together with the booking confirmation.

5.2. The customer is entitled to cancel a transfer 14 days prior to the date of the transfer (day of the transfer not counted). The paid amount for the cancelled transfer will be refunded less the costs of the credit card transaction fee/bank-charges, free of costs for Salzburg Limousine Service and less an administrative charges of EUR 10,00 per passenger to the customer who did the booking. There will be no refund for cancellations within 14 days prior to the date of the transfer (day of the transfer not counted).

5.3. Should the transfer become impossible or dangerous for reasons beyond Salzburg Limousine Service’s bearing (i.e. avalanches, landslides, floods, roadblocks etc.) we are entitled to cancel the transfer. The paid amount for the cancelled transfer (less bank-/credit card fees) will be refunded to the customer. No further claims will be accepted by Salzburg Limousine Service.

5.4. If a customer misses the flight or the flight is delayed etc. the customer has to notify it to Salzburg Limousine Service as soon as possible under the mobile phone number of Salzburg Limousine Service. If the customer cannot manage to be with the shuttle at the booked transfer time it is deemed to be no-show. In this case the paid transfer price is non-refundable. But, Salzburg Limousine Service will try to place the customer on one of the next available transfers upon arrival. If a seat is available there will be no additional transfer fees charged. This is a courtesy and at the sole discretion of the Salzburg Limousine Service management. With private transfers the new pick up time will be agreed with the customer; any excess expenditure due to changes (futile pick up attempt, waiting time etc.) has to be paid by the customer in addition to the transfer costs directly to the driver. The return drive will still be valid.

5.5. Transfers that are not used by a customer (no-show) are non-refundable and there will be no additional claims accepted.

6. Luggage

6.1. All luggage must be clearly labeled with the owners name and the destination address (i.e. the hotel). In the transfer price two items of luggage are included (1 usual holiday luggage bag or suitcase and 1 small hand luggage bag), and 1 ski or snowboard bag. Any excess luggage must be declared at the time of booking. Salzburg Limousine Service reserves the right to charge an excess luggage fee.

6.2. For safety reasons the driver takes care of the loading and unloading of the baggage. His instructions have to be followed strictly. The customer is obliged to check whether his entire luggage is labeled, has been loaded and unloaded and discharges Salzburg Limousine Service from liability.

6.3. The luggage will be transported in the same vehicle as the passenger. If for whatever reasons this is not possible Salzburg Limousine Service is entitled to transport it on another car at the same departure time or on one of the next transfers to the destination shown on the label.

6.4. Salzburg Limousine Service does not accept liability for any damage to luggage caused by other items of luggage or passengers.

7. Refusal of transportation

The driver can refuse the transport of persons/luggage if
– the customer cannot present a valid ticket to the driver,
– the customer is thought to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs,
– the customer’s behavior and/or appearance is unbearable or considered to pose a threat to the driver, other passengers or the vehicle,
– excess luggage had not been declared,
– it is obvious that the luggage (declared or not) would soil other luggage or persons and could impair or endanger other passengers and the driver.

8. Complaints, Time Limits, Statutory Limitation

If a customer finds a fault with the transfer he has to inform the driver immediately. The driver is instructed to take care of it on the spot if feasible. If there is no immediate solution possible or the customer is dissatisfied with the driver’s action the customer has to write a report together with the driver after the transfer. The written report has to be forwarded to Salzburg Limousine Service. If the customer refrains from informing the driver immediately and/or giving a written report to Salzburg Limousine Service it has no influence on the warranty claim. Nevertheless, the customer has to take the effects of contributory negligence.
The statutory period of limitation for claims relating to the transfer is 6 months.

9. Data Protection

Salzburg Limousine Service is registered under DVR 4002580 with the Österreichische Datenschutzkommission/Datenverarbeitungsregister (Austrian Data Protection Commission and Register). Salzburg Limousine Service processes given data electronically and uses it according to the Austrian Data Protection Act. Data given is used only to deal with bookings/enquiries, and will not be forwarded to third parties except those necessary for dealing with the bookings/enquiries and the transfers.

10. Liability

10.1. Salzburg Limousine Service will use every reasonable means to ensure that the vehicles arrive on time.
Salzburg Limousine Service will not incur any liability whatsoever in the event of any delay due to causes beyond its control (i.e. traffic jams, accidents, road barriers, police block, compliance with request of the police, problems caused by other customers etc.). Especially on Saturdays and Holidays the customer has to consider possible delays at the time of the booking (see also 1.2.).

10.2. Salzburg Limousine Service assumes no liability for any damages (primary or secondary, caused by whom or for whatever reason) unless gross negligence or intent is proven on the part of Salzburg Limousine Service. In any case the customer is obliged to assert any possible claim from third parties (i.e. assurance benefits). Any benefit from third parties has to be taken in account with claims against Salzburg Limousine Service. If the customer fails to do so he has to accept reductions equivalent to the benefits he would have obtained with proper performance of his obligation. Should there be any limitation of liability due to international conventions Salzburg Limousine Service can refer to it.

10.3. Where two or more persons are included on the same booking, the person who booked the transfer shall be deemed to do so on the basis that he acts legally for all members of the party and accepts the booking conditions/general terms & conditions on behalf of each member of the party. The person who books is obliged to inform the passengers about the General Terms and Conditions of Salzburg Limousine Service and their duty to comply with it.

10.4. Parents or minders of children and adolescents under the age of 18 are responsible for the conduct of these minors during the transfer and will be held responsible for any damage caused by the aforementioned minors.

10.5. Salzburg Limousine Service disclaims any liability for action or default (and the effects) done by passangers before or during a drive (i.e. delayed departure/arrival, harm to other passengers etc.).

11. Place of Jurisdiction, Applied Law

Salzburg Limousine Service’s intent is to resolve any dispute with a customer amicably. However, if there is no mutual agreement possible, exclusive jurisdiction will be the city of Salzburg. Austrian law will be applied.

12. Miscellaneous Provisions, Insurance

12.1. Any agreements are valid only in written form and after confirmation by Salzburg Limousine Service.

12.2. In case that a single regulation of the contract or the General Terms & conditions should become void it does not affect the validity of the rest of the regulations.

12.3. Salzburg Limousine Service will carry out the transfers itself or acts as an agent for third parties. In the latter case the General Terms & Conditions of Travel Agents ARB92 apply in addition.

12.4. Whenever there is a male or female wording it applies for males/females likewise.

12.5. It is recommended to have travel-/holiday insurance.